10 Shocking Lip Blushing Side Effects

This article discusses everything you need to know about lip blushing. Particularly,  it focuses on the side effects of Lip blushing.

Lip blushing is a medical procedure that applies analogous principles to tattoos. It uses a needle to shade in a customized color for the lips.

As the needle deposits the colors, it causes minimum scarring in order to lock in the colors.

Thus as a result, once the lips have healed, the shadowed color comes forth. still, this shade is not endless and fades out after 12- 18 months depending on your lifestyle.

How Does It Work?

As mentioned above, lip blushing works by manually depositing color pigments into the lip through shading.

The needles deposit the ink through penetrations made to the lip layers repeatedly. 

This is done for both the lipline and the lips in order to create an outline that enhances both the color and shape of the lips.


How To Prep

The prep period for lip blushing can begin weeks beforehand. This involves increased hydration and the use of products such as lip scrub and balm to keep them smooth.

Additionally, avoid alcohol and smoking. Thereafter your lips should be ready for the procedure

Lip Blushing Procedure 

The lip-blushing procedure includes:

  1. A numbing cream is applied to the lips in order to allow you to get through the process. The numbing cream takes up to 30 minutes to take effect.
  2. Your lip is outlined to distinguish shape and tone before the shading begins
  3. After the numbing cream kicks in the shading process begins whereby the ink is colored using tiny needles
  4. The lip is gone over multiple times until an even tone is achieved

Lip Blushing Benefits 

Keeps the Lips Vibrant 

The lip-blushing procedure is in a nutshell a lipstick tattoo. 

This means that it supplements your lips’ color for extended periods – longer than any lipstick would whilst looking very natural.

Additionally, it provides your lips with a special kind of vibrancy due to the fact it exposes the healthier underlying skin 

Enhances Facial Features

Well-defined lips are crucial to achieving a traditionally balanced aesthetic facial profile. It helps improve the overall balance of the face.

In addition, it also adds a youthful exuberance to your general outlook.

Creates a Youthful Look

Full lips are traditionally associated with youth. 

As you get older, your lips get thinner as a result of an inevitable loss of subdermal structure which is responsible for the plumpness associated with the lips of younger people.

Therefore when you undergo lip blushing, naturally, your lips look fuller thus bringing about a youthful look.

Long Lasting Lip Colour

As mentioned above, lip blushing is an artificial art that involves manually shading in a customized lip shade.

As such, it is specifically tailored to last long – at least longer than a single wash like your everyday makeup. 

The lip-blushing procedures effects can last anywhere between 12-18 months depending on aftercare post-procedure and the lifestyle you live.

For instance, dehydrating substances such as alcohol and smoking trigger dark lips even if you´ve undergone a lip-blushing procedure.

Restores Pigmentation

Lip blushing uses a needle to lock in your selected lip shade. As such it can be used to revitalize your lip´s shade if it’s fading as a result of lifestyle or aging.

That said, this pigment restoration doesn´t always immediately reflect post-op. This is because the healing process needs to take place before the selected pigment reflects.

Gives You The Ability To Customise Lip Shade

The general goal of the procedure is to allow you to customize your lip shade. Therefore it gives you the ability to choose your exact lip shade whilst looking natural.

Additionally, the procedure is long-lasting therefore, thus it is cost-effective in the long run. 

As such, if you´re struggling with a lip shade you might not necessarily like as a result of age or previous lifestyle you are able to do something about it.

Other lip-blushing side effects include:


As mentioned above, the lip-blushing procedure is similar to a tattoo in the manner through which the needle colors the intended shade.

This involves scarring through needles. Consequently, the body reacts by creating an inflammatory response as a trauma response.


Tenderness refers to the feeling of discomfort and pain when an injured area is touched. A lot of times you will notice that when you’re injured, the area might not always be painful.

However, when touched it feels painful. Similarly, when you undergo the lip-blushing procedure, the healing process triggers tenderness as one of the lip-blushing side effects.


Skin trauma always leads to flaking, it, therefore, shouldn’t come as a surprise that it is one of the lip-blushing side effects.

When your skin flakes, it is making way for the undamaged skin layer underneath. This, therefore, means that when skin is damaged, it peels to expose an underlying layer.

Thus when your lips flake, it is a result of the body’s self-healing mechanism that is shedding the damaged skin, in order to expose the healthier, intact underlying skin.


Much like flaking, itchiness is one of the lip-blushing side effects that come about as a result of the damage that the procedure does to the skin.

This is because the needle used to shade the lips breaks skin but also bits of the lip’s nerve endings.

As a result, the lips get itchy due to their damaged state. Once they self-repair the itchiness disappears shortly after.

Cold Sore Flare-Ups

Cold sores are tiny lesions that develop on the edge of the mouth. They generate a stinging sensation and are filled with fluid.

Cold sores are one of the lip-blushing side effects instigated by nerve-ending damage. As mentioned above, the lip blushing procedure causes damage to the nerve endings.

There are a large number of nerve endings around the mouth therefore when they are collectively damaged it leads to the development of sores.

It is however short lasting and only lasts for 10 days.


The scars caused by the lip-blushing procedure trigger increased blood flow to the injured area which causes redness as one of the lip-blushing side effects.

Blood is redirected to the injured area in an attempt to repair the damaged tissue and regenerate the impaired area.

The redness is however temporary, you should be back to normal within a week. 


As beneficial as the procedure is, lip blushing is still a treatment that involves scarring. When the needle is used to artificially shade the lips, the skin is put under trauma which is painful.

This pain can however be mitigated with the use of a numbing agent which reduces the pain from the scarring.


After undergoing the lip blush treatment, aftercare is just as important as the prep before treatment.

This is because failure to stay on top of aftercare can result in an infection which leads to pus buildup as one of the lip-blushing side effects.

Other side effects include:

Skin Bumps 



On paper, lip blushing is one of the most efficient cosmetic procedures especially if you don’t enjoy applying gloss or lipstick but want vibrant-looking, even-toned lips.

Lip-blushing side effects are also short lasting. However, the key to avoiding any serious lip blushing side effects is proper aftercare.

As long as you keep things sanitary you should avoid any problems. That said, post op – your lips are bound to need about a week before they get back to looking normal.


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