10 Shocking DHT Blocker Side Effects on Females

Did you know there are possible DHT blocker side effects on females? DHT blockers are drugs and dietary supplements that suppress the production of DHT. Dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT, is a hormone that is present in both men and women. 

What DHT does is that it attaches to your scalp receptors and results in hair loss, resulting in pattern baldness. Hence the need for DHT blockers.

DHT blockers are the most successful treatment for this hormonal hair loss, particularly in women. High amounts of testosterone are the cause of female pattern baldness. 

They have an enzyme called 5a-reductase that turns testosterone into DHT, and this enzyme needs to be suppressed. As a result, when DHT is used to inhibit these hormones, less DHT is produced by the body, and less hair loss occurs.

However, DHT blocker side effects on females are possible and undesirable. The negative effects of DHT on females, however, are reportedly rare and mild. 

However, if the unwanted effects did materialize, they might exceed the advantages of DHT blockers. Therefore, it’s essential to use them with caution. 

Thus, the article will examine the 10 shocking DHT blocker side effects on females. 

DHT Blocker Side Effects on Females

DHT blockers are incredibly potent and effective supplements for men and women who are experiencing hair loss or male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia). 

They are drugs designed to treat conditions caused by excess DHT in the body. However, these drugs can have some severe side effects, especially in women.

Below are potential DHT blocker side effects on females. 

They Can Cause Headaches.

One DHT blocker side effect on females is irregular headaches. You may experience headaches after taking DHT blockers.

The headaches result from the DHT effect on some of the hormones within your body. You may experience physical pain in your head, especially when moving around quickly or looking above heights. 

You May Experience Dizziness.

Feeling dizzy is one of the DHT blocker side effects on females you’ll experience. Taking DHT blockers makes you feel some types of dizziness. 

Same as with headaches, dizziness results from the DHT effect on hormones within your body. You’ll feel lightheaded, especially when doing simple tasks such as looking up at heights above them without prior warning. 

Possible Abnormal Menstrual Periods.

Using DHT blockers interfere with your body’s hormones resulting in an abnormal menstrual period. While using the drug, hormone levels in a woman’s body will fluctuate during the course of her menstrual cycle. 

DHT blockers interfere with your estrogen and progesterone hormones responsible for your period pattern. During this time, your estrogen levels rise. As a result of these changes, you’ll experience symptoms such as abdominal cramps that may become even more painful than before. 

These changes in the level of the hormones disrupt the regular pattern of your period. You need to stop taking the DHT blocker and seek healthcare advice immediately.

They Can Cause Vomiting and Nausea

Some of the women who have used DHT blockers report experiencing stomach discomfort. The discomfort is due to the change in hormones in their body. This results in nausea and vomiting.

They May Cause Breast tenderness.

DHT blockers affect your body’s production of estrogen after taking them. As a result, your breasts become swollen and tender.

They Can Cause Lower Sex Drive.

DHT blockers are said to affect your sexual desire as a female. They lead to higher levels of both testosterone and estrogen in the body. 

Research shows this may lead to sexual dysfunction. Fortunately, the sexual dysfunctions can go away after stopping the use of the drug.

They Can Make it Difficulty to Achieve an Orgasm.

When you have low sexual desire, it becomes hard to achieve orgasm, which is among the DHT blocker side effects on females. 

Also, the problem may be caused by depression, anxiety, and intestinal problems caused by using DHT blockers.

They Can Cause Depression

Researchers have found that women taking a DHT blocker had an increased risk of developing anxiety and depression.

They also found that women taking DHT blockers are more likely to develop hot flashes and mood swings. These feelings can lead to depression or anxiety disorders.

Some DHT blockers are said to increase your risk for depression. This is due to the changes DHT blockers make in hormone levels within your body. 

You may feel sad or empty, which can become difficult to cope with over time if not appropriately addressed. You, therefore, need to talk with a mental health professional or your doctor about the treatment options available. 

Acne Breakouts

One of the possible side effects of DHT blocker on females is an acne breakout. You may experience acne breakouts after taking DHT blockers. 

You’ll notice an increase in facial and body acne, especially around the chin area or on the back of the neck. Acne breakout is also a result of the DHT blocker’s effect on the hormone levels in your body.

DHT blockers target your sebaceous glands, increasing the production of sebum. It leads to increased oils produced by your sebaceous glands in the skin, increasing breakouts and blemishes. 

Furthermore, you may experience more dry skin than usual. It’s advisable to always use a moisturizer handy at all times when using a DHT blocker.

Excessive growth of hair

Females may experience hair growth after taking DHT blockers. You will observe hair growth on your back, chest, and face (hirsutism). As a woman, increased hair growth on the face can cause feelings of self-consciousness and upset.


Last but not least, obesity is among the other DHT blocker side effects on females. You will observe that you’re starting to gain weight as a result of water retention and increases in appetite. 

This results from the hormonal changes in your body due to using DHT blockers. 


As a female, you should understand that DHT blockers can cause major hormonal problems in your body. This hormonal problem results in DHT blocker side effects in females. 

However, these shocking DHT blocker side effects on females are rare cases occurring in small amounts. They are also considered to be just temporary side effects, as they will go away with the discontinuation of the drug. 

As a woman, beauty is always on the front line, especially regarding hair. But before you choose DHT blockers as your hair loss treatment, it’s best to know the involved side effects.



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