10 Shocking Bad Thermage Side Effects

If you know what thermage is, bad thermage may not be new to you. However, if its new to you, this article will inform you on what it is and its side effects.

What is Thermage?

Thermage refers to a cosmetic technique that does not involve any surgical procedure. It instead induces the formation of collagen, a skin component by involving its tightening as well as smoothening for a better skin appearance.

Radiofrequency waves are involved whereby they generate heat in the skin which encompasses the first outer layer extending down to the inner one. Thermage is recommended for the eyes, face, thighs and abdomen.

Discussed below is everything you need to know about thermage and particularly the bad thermage side effects.

How Thermage works

The handler utilizes a technical hand tool instrument to administer radiofrequency waves emanating from the tool into the intended dermis tissue that is usually gridded by a stencil for easier workability. Upon use, there is a momentary surge of heat that is radiated.

The duration of the procedure depends on the type of skin in question ranging in from 30 minutes to 2 hours with the results being immediate. A cooling spray will then be used to preserve the skin’s surface, necessitated by the heat generated to counter any pains that could be thereof.


Benefits of Thermage

  • Thermage is a strong alternative to surgical procedures used to tighten the skin thus making it a low-risk and high-reward cosmetic consideration. With it comes several advantages such as;
  • Thermage is non-invasive
  • It is quick and bears no pain
  • Results gotten carry on for a considerate number of years thereafter
  • There is close to no downtime thus does not facilitate time wastage in aid of recovery
  • This is a single time that takes a very short while to achieve the desired results
  • A versatile procedure that can be carried out on the most delicate and feeble of parts such as the eyes making it very effective for repairing loose skin and wrinkles

Bad Thermage Side Effects

This non-invasive skin tightening procedure has become rather popular over the past few years with many willing to try and adapt to it.

It is highly considered for its quickness and versatility alongside the fact that it offers immediate results.

However, with its intended nature of disrupting the natural occurrence of the skin’s composition, especially with the use of radiofrequency waves, demerits are expected.

Some of the bad thermage side effects include;

  1. Blisters

Blisters might not be a foreign thing, especially with the incorporation of radiation into the picture. Heating of the upper layer of the skin especially for one with very sensitive skin may result in the said blisters.

Upon breaking, scabbing is the result but takes a few days to vanish once the skin’s healing metabolism kicks in. This effect is documented in research carried out by a German dermatological society

  1. Redness of the skin

Redness is another of the bad thermage side effects. This treatment procedure results in reddening of the skin resulting from its thermodynamics. The skin is meant to react this way should heat and pressure be cast upon it.

However, this is a phenomenon that fades on its own 1 to 2 hours afterwards. This study conducted in a bid to further identify non-invasive cosmetic procedures relays that 89% of their subjects, after two months complained of erythema (skin reddening)

  1. Swelling

This frequently happens right after the therapeutical procedure especially on the face due to its sensitive nature of it. The patient’s skin restores itself to normalcy within 2 to 5 days.

Based on a study conducted by the medical spa, out of an average of 70,000 patients, the most commonly reported incidents included swelling around the treated area

  1. Indentation

There might be the formation of microscopic indentations or skin abnormalities, especially in cases where the therapy wasn’t sufficiently done.

This necessitates the need for one to have it done by a renowned practitioner.

  1. Altered sensation

A sense of tingling arising from the repeated interaction and stimulation of nerve endings by the radio frequency waves is expected. This is however uncommon but to those with skin or nervous system sensitivities.

You might feel a warm gush over the region handled but quickly goes away after the procedure. Only in cases of sensitivities does the feeling linger on but not for too long.

As per a study conducted in North Korea, three out of ten patients complained of long-term skin sensitivity after having the procedure done on them

  1. Bruising

Bruising is another one of the bad thermage side effects. Although uncommon, it has been reported in some cases as the therapy is thermal dynamic rather than mechanical. Should it happen, it does not take much time to replenish.

  1. Soreness

Equivalent to altered sensation, this feeling happens in instances where there was overcontact with a solid structure such as the jaw bone. This feeling may last for at most a day or two after the procedure.

  1. Damaged skin

This is caused by the thermal effect of having heat on the skin.

An increase in temperature on the surface of the skin more than what it can handle results in damage.

However, since during the procedure the heat applied is relatively tolerable, the implications are usually not so bad. Consequently, the damage caused vanishes after a while considering that the skin is well taken care of after the procedure.

This includes avoiding direct sun exposure, very hot showers or saunas and tanning beds. It is advisable to wear protective creams while outdoors to promote faster healing.

  1. Impartial pain and discomfort to the skin

With the body wired to work at the required 36/37 degrees Celsius, anything higher than that could be of harm. Thus, many patients complain of being in pain during the undertaking of this thermage procedure.

Others have complained of the procedure being too hot and even quitting midway due to intolerance to the heat emanating from this procedure.

This discomfort is limited only to the region in partaking of the procedure. The result is usually tenderness to that area which also reduces after a few hours or days at most.

Notably, this depends on the patient’s healing metabolism. In accordance with a study conducted, the surgeon was weary of the fact that the procedure could be awry painful to some regions thus recommending the necessary use of mesoanesthesia in taming the pain

  1. Melasma/ chloasma

Last but not least of the bad thermage side effects, is melasma. Melasma is a skin ailment that results in notable spots or patches that appear darker as compared to the person’s skin tone mainly on the face. This is usually caused by the thermal repercussions of the heat needed to carry out this procedure.

It is to be noted that this melasma could differ from the one mainly caused by the sun, but the dynamics of it are still embedded in the common factors of heat on the skin. Should this happen, a dermatologist could come in handy to offer a prescription.


Conclusively, several patients who have undergone thermae have left a positive review. Some report that the outcome has lasted up to years and beyond.

The results obtained depend on age, skin conditions and adaptability. Thermage is a highly recommended procedure due to its non-invasive nature.

Nonetheless, be wary of the above bad thermage side effects. However, they are usually never permanent and last between hours or days.

To be safe, ensure that the practitioner carrying out the procedure on you is a specialist. It is also advisable to follow the guidelines issues before, during and after the procedure.


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