10 Serious Side Effects of Invisalign You Should Know

If you care about your teeth health, and have attempted aligning them using invisalign, you should be cautious about its side effects. That’s what this article will inform you about. 

Invisalign is in many ways the modern answer to braces. 

For a very long time, people have used braces to achieve a perfect dental aesthetic which involves having straight, aligned teeth.

Whilst getting braces remains a fairly popular practice, aspects around how it works are inefficient and as such have been improved upon by invisalign 

How Does Invisalign Work?

The invisalign treatment involves phases starting with a diagnosis by the dentist. 

First, the dentist will conduct an assessment to determine the treatment plan depending on what is being fixed.

The data from the assessment is then used to develop aligners through a machine-generated mold.

These aligners then use controlled pressure to push the teeth into the desired position. 

Aligners are usually clear and made of flexible plastic therefore they are able to camouflage within your dental formula.


Invisalign Benefits 

1.) Fixes Overbite or Underbite 

The invisalign treatment is based on the tried and tested method used by braces. 

It involves the gradual shifting of your teeth´s position using controlled pressure as per your specific needs i.e., whether you have an underbite or overbite.

Dentists use X-rays to detect any dental issues and visualize their treatment plan for you.

2.) Can Be Easily Cleaned

No matter what treatment method you choose, it is prudent to clean the treatment properties used.

This is where invisalign piques its counterparts as a treatment plan due to the fact that it can be ejected and cleaned.

3.) Children Can use it

In the event, you wish to get on top of your child´s dental health early, invisalign is a viable option.

That said, the major challenge is ensuring that your child keeps the aligners in place. 

As such, if you can get your little ones to keep their trays in they´re likely to have even more success than an adult.

This is because kids’ teeth are more malleable than adult teeth making the process smoother.

4.) Reduces Frequency of Dentist Visits

When compared to similar treatment options, invisalign requires little attention. For instance, braces need recurrent dentist visits for maintenance purposes.

On the other hand, invisalign allows you to conduct maintenance practices by yourself at home. 

Once you start the treatment, you are also given aligners for your full treatment phase. This cuts down dentist visits completely.

However, it is recommended to periodically visit the dentists in order to track progress and adjust accordingly.

5.) Gives You Freedom Dietwise 

As mentioned above, it is possible to remove the aligner trays and put them back whenever you need to eat.

This isn’t the case with forms of treatment such as braces which don´t offer as much freedom.

It also makes it easier to clean your teeth, all you have to do is properly brush your teeth, rinse the aligners, and put them back.

6.) Provides More Comfort Than Braces

Once braces are fixed, adjusting them requires another dentist visit. There have been cases where braces have been fitted too tight or too loose which can make you uncomfortable.

Invisalign on the other hand is a bit more comfortable because it is not fitted in. Additionally, it also applies a lesser amount of pressure to your teeth as compared to braces

7.) It Looks Better Than Braces

Although braces are functional, they are not very aesthetically appealing. They can look a bit awkward and intrusive.

Invisalign however fits seamlessly in the mouth and works without making you look awkward although it can impede speech.

Invisalign is a dental treatment procedure and just like with any medical procedure, there are bound to be side effects.

Below are some serious invisalign side effects:

Invisalign Side Effects 

1.) Instigates Dental discomfort

As with anything, introducing foreign material into the mouth is likely to cause discomfort.

Invisalign works by applying controlled pressure on various target areas in order to move them accordingly. 

This is done in phases with the movements customized to fit the need i.e., underbite or overbite.

That said, dental discomfort isn’t one of the serious side effects of invisalign. Once you are used to having the aligners in your mouth, the feeling quickly disappears.

2.) Causes Headaches 

The body is extremely sensitive to any stimuli that change its regular routine. As such, the controlled pressure from the aligners can lead to a headache.

This is because pressure affects systems within the body especially those related to the ear and sinus cavity.

As a result, this causes a headache, one of the serious side effects of invisalign. However, this is not long-lasting and is dependent on an adjustment period.

3.) Tooth & Gum Damage 

As mentioned above, invisalign achieves results due to the pressure it applies on the teeth

However if not closely monitored this can lead to tooth damage one of the most serious side effects of invisalign.

This is because the applied pressure chips away at the tooth and exposes your teeth´s roots. 

4.) Brings About An Allergic Reaction

Allergic reactions though rare, are one of the most serious side effects of invisalign. The reactions are brought about by the material used to make the aligners.

Invisalign aligners are made of specially crafted plastic that is flexible to accommodate your teeth through the treatment.

The reaction can therefore lead to irritation in areas like the gum making it hard to use the mouth efficiently.

5.) Leads To Difficulties While Speaking

The invisalign trays are extensive in nature extending through the whole mouth. Thus it can be impeding while speaking.

This leads to speech difficulties such as a lisp or muffled speech.

6.) Causes Dry Mouth 

A dry mouth comes about as an indicator of an impediment by the aligners. The aligners act as a wall and stop saliva from washing over the mouth.

Consequently, this makes your mouth feel dry and is generally uncomfortable. However, this can be easily remedied by drinking water consistently while the invisalign is in.

7.) Brings About Bad Breath 

Once you start the invisalign treatment, it is wholly embedded into your dental structure, and as such, requires just as much care as your teeth.

Breath issues while using invisalign, therefore, stem from issues such as plaque and bacteria buildup.

As such, it can be remedied by flossing and brushing properly on top of cleaning your aligners regularly.

8.) It Can Be Inconveniencing 

It is recommended that you take the invisalign out whenever you´re eating. This can be extremely inconvenient especially when outside the house.

In most cases, it forces you to be extremely conscious about when to eat which is a nuisance.

Therefore although it is one of the less serious side effects of Invisalign, it can be distressing. 

Other serious invisalign side effects include;

9.) Induces Swelling of The Gums 

10.) Causes Involuntary Weight Loss


The invisalign treatment in many ways is making traditionally tedious processes simpler by seamlessly integrating itself into your day-to-day routine.

On top of that, it is also more comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and is a smooth process. 

It also provides you with discretion in how you are able to go about your life while the procedure is underway

That said, you still have to stay on top of your dental health. Remember to thoroughly rise the trays and constantly brush and floss your teeth well.

This helps you avoid plaque build-up and develop allergic reactions

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