10 Mind-Blowing Moxi Laser Side Effects 

The moxi laser side effects vary from  person to person. Let us explore some of them carefully.

The moxi laser treatment is a laser treatment that has been in the market for a considerable amount of time when compared to other ablative laser energy treatments. It is a treatment that was developed by Sciton – an American-based medical equipment manufacturer.

It uses non-ablative laser energy and is rooted in the principle of subtly triggering skin rejuvenation through the use of controlled scarification.

As such, there is minimal downtime and bar a few short-term moxi laser side effects, you will be able to carry on with your day-to-day activities.

That said, I’m sure you’re wondering how exactly the procedure works.

What Happens During The Moxi Laser Treatment?

The moxi laser treatment is a relatively fast procedure. It is done within less than an hour and is painless however in the event you have to, you can always use a numbing cream.

After the prep period, there is a 30-minute wait period to allow the anesthetic to kick in if used.

As soon as the interval is complete, the attendant will use the moxi ray tool. During the procedure, the attendant makes sure that the skin is unevenly exposed to the laser.

This generally takes anywhere under a quarter to half an hour. 

After the procedure, your skin temperature could understandably be higher than usual. However, this can be remedied with the use of a recovery cream and sunscreen.

Additionally, it is also recommended that you avoid heavy makeup in order to give your skin the space to breathe.

Instead, you should double down on your moisturizing efforts to help with healing efforts and keep your skin hydrated.


Who Is The Moxi Laser Treatment Beneficial To?

As a treatment, the moxi laser procedure is meant to slightly reverse the age clock. 

As such, it can be beneficial to young people looking to get on top of their skin health before it’s too late.

Additionally, it is also beneficial to people higher up in the age scale, looking to slow down the hands of time.

The treatment is also recommended for people with a dark skin tone. 

Normally, people with darker skin tones are discouraged from laser treatments due to the fact they are more prone to hyperpigmentation.

This is a result of the injury and inflammation caused by harsher laser treatments. However, this isn’t the case with the moxi laser treatment.

The moxi laser procedure is believed to be more subtle when it comes to scarification. 

Consequently, it is able to refresh the skin without exacerbating any hyperpigmentation issues.

It can also be used to treat skin issues that stem from sun damage and uneven skin texture. 

For that reason, the procedure isn’t just applicable to the skin, it can be used all over the body.


Moxi Laser Benefits

Facilitates Brighter Skin 

The skin is always in a constant state of rejuvenation. This means that it sheds dead skin cells daily.

As a result, when the dead skin cells are not scrubbed away, they build up, often dulling the skin, and making it look ashy.

When you undergo the moxi laser treatment, it creates micro-coagulation zones. Consequently, these zones initiate the replacement of the old cells.

In the end, the rejuvenated skin is healthier and doesn’t contain dead cell build-up thus making it look brighter  

Reduces Skin Pigmentation

Although the moxi laser treatment can cause temporary pigmentation, it also permanently solves the pigmentation issue.

This is because it will eliminate the dark spots entirely and replace them with even skin.

Stimulates Collagen Production

Collagen is a naturally produced protein, essential for young-looking skin. During the moxi laser procedure, the laser penetrates the skin at an extensive depth.

Consequently, this triggers the body´s natural regeneration process anchored in collagen production.

Leaves You With Smoother Skin 

As mentioned above, the moxi laser treatment triggers collagen production – a protein responsible for younger-looking skin.

As a result of this, your skin gets rejuvenated which leaves it feeling smoother and tighter.

Moxi Laser Side Effects 

Causes Redness 

The Moxi laser utilizes heat to cause micro-injuries that prompt revitalization. As a result, the deeply penetrative nature of the treatment conducts heat throughout the skin.

Consequently, this can lead to redness as one of the moxi laser side effects. It is however often short lasting.

Leads to Minor Discomfort

The non-ablative laser emits heat energy. Naturally, the body can only take specific amounts of heat with certain areas being more sensitive than others.

As a result, the heat emitted from the laser leads to moxi laser side effects such as minor discomfort on the skin. 

Affects Skin Texture

As mentioned above, the moxi laser treatment triggers rejuvenation by causing micro-injuries.

Consequently, these micro-injuries lead to moxi laser side effects such as rough skin texture. This is because the old skin is shedding in order to create room for the renewed underlying skin.

Induces Hyperpigmentation 

Hyperpigmentation refers to the appearance of discolored patches on your skin. They come about as a result of the production of excess melanin.

Excess melanin is produced in the event that skin cells are damaged. This happens during the moxi laser procedure whereby the skin is exposed to controlled damage.

As a result, this causes the clumping of melanin within certain sections of the skin which brings about hyperpigmentation as one of the moxi laser side effects.

Facial Pains

The pain that can result from the treatment comes about due to the controlled scarification of the face.

As such it is one of the moxi laser side effects that are caused by micro-injuries.


As the old skin sloths away, it temporarily changes skin texture. However, there are other things that change.

In addition to the skin texture change, there might be a sensation of numbness which is the body’s response to the micro-injuries. 

Some of the other moxi laser side effects include:


Burning Sensation

It Can Activate Oral Herpes


Moxi Laser Reviews 


  • Requires minimal downtime 
  • It can be used by people with dark skin tones 
  • Can be done in under one hour 
  • Has short-lived side effects


  • It can be painful, especially for people with sensitive skin 
  • In some cases, the side effects might be extreme i.e., skin burns 
  • Doesn’t provide the best results for people with acne scarring


The moxi laser procedure is a unique laser treatment. Its subtlety as mentioned above makes it accessible to people of varied skin tones.

However, this isn’t even what’s most appealing about the treatment, the procedure stands out for how consistent and naturally gradual its changes are.

It can take up to a month to fully see changes, however, throughout that period the gradual improvements are undeniable, especially for pigmentation and texture issues.

Although the aim of many people who go for the treatment is to slow or reverse the age clock you are more likely to be impressed at how healthy it makes your skin look.

Whenever most reviewers showcase their before and after photos – the clarity and brightness of the skin stand out the most. This is in addition to younger-looking skin.

Therefore bar the short-lived side effects, it is an effective treatment. However, it is crucial to stay on top of aftercare post-treatment. Avoid direct sunlight and hydrate properly.

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