10 Little-Known Side Effects of Being a Virgin for Too Long

Is it true that there are side effects of being a virgin for too long? Let us find out.

Many people, especially girls, hold their virginity dear to them. They view it as a way of maintaining their purity and innocence.

Would you blame them for those beliefs? No, because they have their reasons. One of the reasons is the notion that they would be married off to older men if they broke their virginity too soon.

You may think this is a bluff, but unfortunately, it is not. Some African nations still uphold such practices.

In fact, if you go to Swaziland, you’ll notice that their king marries virgins only. Likewise, in some African cultures, a girl’s virginity must be tested before she is allowed to get married.

Should she fail the virginity test, the wedding would be called off, and she would be asked to marry someone elderly. Another reason could be religion. Some religions discourage fornication.

As a result, they encourage women to uphold their virginity. Hence, women from those religions could keep their innocence until they married.  

However, did you know there are dangers to being a virgin for too long? If you did not know, don’t worry. This article will explain the little-known side effects of being a virgin for too long. Let’s get started.  


What are the side effects of Being a Virgin for Too Long?

Here is a list of what can happen to you if you retain your virgnitiy for too long.

Note that some of these points can be exclusive to the male or female gender. Nonetheless, some apply to both sexes.

1. It will slow down your thinking

Reports say that being a virgin for too long can make you a retard. Numerous research tends to back this fact—for instance, this study from PubMed central links cognitive function to sexual activity.

In fact, it claims that men who have sex regularly have a higher chance to recall and sequence information.  

On the other hand, it claims that men with less or no sex are likely to be less creative and slow to comprehend information. It interferes with your neural functioning and your ability to be original.  

2. It will deprive you of a healthy sexual relationship 

Exploring your sexuality during your youth is a great means of developing healthy sexual relationships with your partners.

Moreover, it will deprive you of a satisfying sexual experience. In other words, it will rob you of the opportunity to experiment with your sexual fantasies and may ruin your sexual experiences with your partner.

As a result, you would struggle to satisfy your partner. In extreme scenarios, you could develop sexual dysfunction. Hence, if you want a healthy sexual relationship with your partner, avoid being a virgin for too long. 

3. It will weaken your bladder

Your bladder’s health and sex are interrelated. There are claims that your sphincter muscles benefit from sex.

For instance, this study from WebMed links bladder problems to sexual intercourse. The logical explanation for this claim is that sexual stimulation presses on those muscles.

Consequently, it promotes your ability to retain urine.  

However, some women with overactive bladder may develop an illness called incontinence.

Note that men are not exempt from this condition. When it occurs, it can result in urine leaks. Scientists believe that sexual intercourse can lessen the effect of this illness.

Therefore, if you have this condition and are still a virgin, having sex can help.  

4. It can expose men to prostrate problems

Your sexual life and prostate health are interlinked. In fact, this study conducted by Harvard University medical students claims that men who evacuate frequently reduce their chances of contracting prostate cancer by 20%.  

Based on this argument, having sex can prevent you from contracting prostate cancer. However, abstaining from sex reduces your protection from illness. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid being a virgin for too long.  

5. It might expose you to back pains

You could be wondering how having sex can help with back pain. Here’s an answer for you.

When you are aroused, your body releases endorphins. Endorphins play a crucial role in relaxing the body and reducing stress. As a result, it will relieve back pain.  

Staying a virgin for too long will deprive you of this function and can contribute to back pain. Hence, breaking your virginity sooner can help with back pain. 

6. It may lower your confidence

One of the most common side effects of staying a virgin for too long is lowered confidence. This is especially true for boys.

According to studies, teenage boys who have sex at an early age tend to gain the approval of their peers. For girls, however, having sex at an early age can lead to rejection by peers.  

The males’ confidence can plunge if their peers reject them for being virgins. Therefore, if you are a boy, breaking your virginity sooner will earn you recognition among your peers and boost your confidence.  

7. It may prevent you from releasing frustration

When we are frustrated, we use sex to release negative energy.

For instance, when you are frustrated by your job, having wild sex with your partner can help you get back on track.

For this reason, psychologists determined that orgasm is a way of releasing frustration. 

By staying a virgin for too long, you will deny yourself the opportunity to release frustrations through orgasm.

Rather, it will make you without those frustrations. As a result, it can interfere with your subsequent routines.  

8. It can cause sexual dysfunction

Being a virgin for too long may expose you to sexual dysfunction. Note that lack of sex is not a cause of erectile dysfunction. However, the lesser you have sex, the higher your chances of erectile dysfunction.  

This article from WebMed seems to back this fact. It claims that men who have an orgasm at least twice a week are less likely to experience erectile dysfunction. Based on this claim, you would be disadvantaged in maintaining your virginity for too long.  

9. It might make you depressed

Being a virgin for too long deprives you of intimacy, begging the question, is intimacy really important? Scientific studies claim that it is linked to mental health.

Also, those studies claim that lack of intimacy can lead to stress, depression, and anxiety.  

Therefore, it is important to experience intimacy to maintain your well-being. Hence, it would be best if you broke your virginity sooner.  

10. It might interfere with your serial orientation

A sexually deprived individual can begin to identify with titles like asexual. An asexual person is an individual who lacks sexual attraction to anyone.

When this happens to you, it will interfere with your serial orientation.

Besides, it can make you resort to other forms of self-pleasuring, like masturbation, which has a lot of controversies.  


In conclusion, no one will blame you for opting to stay a virgin. However, you should be aware of the negative side effects of being a virgin for too long.

I would encourage you to explore your sexuality to limit some of these side effects from happening to you.   

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