10 Little-Known G3 Juice Side Effects

G3 juice is good for boosting energy, but it can possess some side effects. Find out about those side effects in this article.

G3 Juice is essential for athletes that to prefer supplements that can boost their energy levels. It is also good for athletes who want performance but would like to stay away from doping-related troubles. However, G3 Juice’s side effects are too massive to ignore.

In this article, I will talk about Little-Known G3 Juice Side Effect. I will also give you some general information about the Juice.

Without further ado, let us get started.

G3 Juice Overview

G3 Juice is a fruit-based nutritional supplement that claims to boost your immunity and add other health benefits. It is pricier than other nutritional supplements it competes due to the ingredients present in it.

Basically, it contains some vital ingredients like carbohydrates, calories, fats, vitamins, and minerals, that make it a superior product.

With that being said, I think the supplement is overrated because its ingredients can also be found in other nutritional supplements within its class.

Can you use G3 as a cure?

The information presented on Nu Skin’s website claims that G3 Juice contains ingredients obtained from Chinese Lycium, Cili fruit, Siberian Pineapple, and Gâc fruit.

These plants are known to offer superb medicinal value. Therefore, it is safe to assume that it can cure some conditions.

Besides the information available on Nu Skin’s website pitches the Juice as one that can promote eye health.

Also, it insists that it can support your immune function, while also providing antioxidant protection. However, note that it can assist you only if you stick to the recommended dosage of 30 to 90ml of the juice per day.

G3 Juice Side Effects

Like any other workout supplement, G3 Juice has both positive and negative side effects. Most of those effects are attributed to its chemical composition.

Some of its ingredients might cause undesirable outcomes to your body while others may improve it. I will begin with the negative side effects.

1.      It might upset your stomach

You should not consume G3 Juice on an empty stomach. Some of its ingredients can cause stomach inflammation.

This would likely manifest in the form of bloating, stomach movements, and diarrhea.

2.      It might interact with some medications

Another possible G3 side effect is interaction with some medications. Some researchers claim that the ingredients present in G3 Juice, like Vitamin K, can react with certain medications, especially blood thinning medications.

Consequently, it might make those medications less effective.

3.      It can cause allergic reactions

Even though G3 juice is a by-product of naturally occurring fruits like apples and grapes, it can cause some undesirable effects on people intolerant to those fruits.

In actuality, the mentioned fruits, which are present in the juice, have the tendency to cause hives, itching, and troubled breathing among some people.

If you are one of those people, then it would be wise to avoid this juice.

4.      It can cause abnormal blood pressure

Even though G3 Juice is relatively safe, some of its ingredients may not interact well with your body. For instance, the juice consists of hibiscus flower extract, which might drop your blood pressure significantly.

According to research conducted by WebMD, hibiscus can lower your blood levels. Therefore, it will be beneficial to you if you have high blood pressure but will harm you if your blood pressure is normal.

5.      It can induce headaches

There are chances you might develop headaches from consuming G3 juice. Its steroidal effects, which result from the presence of tyramine and coffee, are common causes of headaches if used in large amounts.

This is not only a G3 juice side effect but also applies to other fruit juices. Therefore, it is vital to keep your consumption of such juices in check to avoid suffering from these headaches.

6.      It can expose you to high sugar content

G3 Juice, being a fruit-based supplement has its own sugar. During its manufacture, Nu Skin adds some more sugar to the juice. This is not entirely bad because it adds to the taste of the juice.

The problem begins when the sugar level becomes too much. This is a problem that G3 juice suffers from. Its high sugar level means it makes you gain weight.

Besides, it can expose to a wide range of effects like imbalanced blood sugars.

7.      It can interfere with iron absorption

G3 Juice has many ingredients that are useful to the body. For instance, it has vitamin c which improves the body’s immunity. However, the elevated levels of this vitamin in the juice affect the body in various ways.

For instance, studies show that introducing high levels of vitamin C in the body can interfere with the absorption of certain minerals, like iron.

This is troubling news for individuals with iron deficiency. Therefore, it is vital to avoid this juice if you have anemia.

8.      It can interfere with medication absorption

Another G3 Juice side effect is its ability to interfere with the absorption of certain medications.

Studies show that some ingredients present in the juice can hinder your body from absorbing antibiotics. Likewise, they may prevent you from responding well to thyroid hormone replacement therapy.

Hence, you should avoid this juice for the duration you will be taking those medications. Otherwise, consult with your doctor to see if taking it will not interfere with you massively.

9.      It can interfere with lab test results

The high levels of Vitamin K in G3 Juice can interfere with certain lab test results. For instance, the Prothrombin Time test is one of the lab tests likely to give incorrect results due to the vitamin.

In this case, it will make monitoring blood thinning medications more complicated.

10.  It can increase the risk of kidney stones

Lastly, a possible G3 juice side effect is an increased risk of kidney stones. The juice has high levels of oxalates. Note that oxalates come from beet fruits.

Research shows that high levels of these oxalates can increase your chances of suffering from kidney stones. The positive news is that this side effect is not common. Despite this, it would still be wise to protect yourself from such side effects whenever possible.


It is important to note that the potential G3 Juice side effects may not affect everyone taking it. However, it is best to talk to your doctor before beginning to take the juice. Yes, it will help you develop those leaner muscles you are looking for.

But if the cost of doing that is higher than the benefits it will give you, you might as well avoid it. Also, visiting physicians before beginning the medication can help you if you have pre-existing health conditions.

All in all, regulate your intake of G3 juice to avoid encountering some if not all of these side effects.





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