10 Little-known Ems Foot Massager Side Effects

This article will help you with an in-depth description of the Ems foot massager, especially ems foot massager side effects.

Most of us do not have all-around access to a masseuse. Moreover, continued visitation to one can be very costly. Thus, the ems foot massager brings this to you in the comfort of your house.

Standing for long periods and daily tasks takes a toll on your feet. Studies show that this over-extension can cause damage to your ligaments, muscle and tissue in your legs.

Users have submitted reports that the ems pad helps to reduce pain. Additionally, it is relaxing.

It activates the biomolecules in your feet, stimulating blood circulation. It also relaxes the muscles.

What Is An Ems Foot Massager?

It is a complex foot massager that uses electronic muscle stimulation to soothe the pain and discomfort in your feet.

It targets the point in your muscle where stress focuses. By sending electric pulses, it stimulates muscle activity.

The ems foot massager side effects are mainly related to those brought up when using electric current to treat muscle soreness.

How Does It Work?

It mimics the electric impulses that your brain sends to your muscles. The neurotransmitters in your brain enhance your muscle contraction effortlessly.

It takes about fifteen minutes for the focus points of stress to be hit.

It combines massage therapy, reflexology, electrical nerve and muscle stimulation. This combination brings out the positive ems foot massager side effects.

How Often Should You Use The Ems Foot Massager?

Having the gadget in your house means you can use it whenever you wish.

There are several positive ems foot massager side effects from using it four times a week. Daily use is also ok. Nevertheless, ensure you stop if you begin to experience any pain.

The optimal time you are recommended to use the foot massager is 15 to 20 minutes for each session.

Negative Ems Foot Massager Side Effects

1. It Can Cause Skin Irritation

One of the Ems foot massager side effects that come from using it periodically is that it can cause skin irritation. To reduce the chances of this occurring ensure you properly clean your feet and the pad before you use it.

If you do not, the area of the skin in contact with the pad will begin to incur damage.

Users are advised to apply gel to their feet before that use the pad. It will ease your feet for a short period.

If your skin is damaged, let it heal before you use the pad again.

2. It May Cause Soreness Of The Muscles

If you set the intensity too high from what you can handle, it will cause extreme pain, which results in soreness.

You can also experience pain if you use the pad for too long. This is because the ems foot pad stimulates your muscles. For this reason, extensive use overstimulates your muscles. Consequently, causing damage.

Due to the electrical stimulation, it will also cause muscle twitching with consistent use.

3. It Can Cause Discomfort

Though the ems foot massager is easy to use, the shocks can bring out a lot of discomforts. The pad’s stickiness can also make some people uneasy, especially when it is removed.

4. It May Cause Anxiety

There is a high chance that the ems foot pad can cause you to feel anxious. The electricity is run through your body and can affect your mind.

5. It Can Damage Blood Vessels

Though it is a rare case. There have been reports that electric shocks cause breakage of blood vessels, which can cause adverse health problems.

Positive Ems Foot Massager Side Effects

6. It May Elevate Your Mood

Reducing your cortisol levels, the ems foot massager causes you to relax and reduces your pain. This promotes the release of endorphins in your body.

These hormones raise your mood and reduce pain by intercepting their receptors in your brain.

7. It Can Reduce Muscle Soreness

A very active lifestyle can cause your calves and feet to be sore at the end of every day. The ems foot massager helped to loosen up your muscles.

8. It May Help Treat Headaches And Mindgrains

Many studies have been conducted on how reflexology affects headaches. Some studies show that it can stimulate the pressure points in your head. Thus, causing migraine relief.

This form of treatment is also known as acupressure.

9. It Can Help Relieve Anxiety And Stress

Ems foot massager side effects have had it related to reflexology. The practice includes applying pressure to your feet, which helps with stress relief.

It also helps help the corresponding organs and systems of your body.

Studies have also shown that they also help relieve stress on a chemical level. This is because, during the massage, your cortisol levels decrease.

Cortisol is responsible for high levels of stress within your body. It can have multiple harmful side effects, such as depression, gaining weight, anxiety and stress.

10. Reduces Swelling And Inflammation

If your daily tasks require a lot of movement, you will notice swelling in your ankles or feet. It constricts the flow of blood In your foot and can cause pain.

Using the ems foot massager improves blood circulation to your feet and entire body.

Hence, better blood flow reduces inflammation. Which consequently also reduces the pain and discomfort.

Better blood circulation also improves your general cardiovascular health due to your heart not having to work harder to supply your feet with blood.

How To Use The Ems Foot Massager

Step 1

Place the Ems-enabled foot pad on the floor. Sit comfortably and accordingly place your feet.

Step 2

Set the intensity you prefer, and enjoy the massage for about 20 mins.


Without a doubt, the positive ems foot massager side effects make it a good substitute for a masseuse. It provides you with both acupuncture and acupressure therapy.

This can range from gentle to intense depending on the settings and preferred adjustable mode for the user. It comes in multiple designs from a range of brands that you can pick from.

Ems foot massage pads are easy to clean, use and carry around. Most are foldable.

The ems foot massager side effects are not adverse. Nonetheless, consult a medical masseuse or practitioner to asses your body before you invest in one.

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