10 Little-Known Actiiv Shampoo Side Effect

If are a lover of all things hair, there’s little doubt you’ve heard about actiiv shampoo. However, do you know it can expose you to some mild side effects? Find out about those side effects in this article.

Made by the Actiiv shampoo company, this product helps deal with hair thinning and hair loss.

It may also help you deal with scalp conditions in both men and women.

Despite its benefits for hair health, there are some actiiv shampoo side effects that we don’t talk about enough.

Every day, we pick this product off the supermarket shelf without thinking twice about the actiiv shampoo side effects we may be exposing ourselves to by using it.

Well, not anymore.

In this article, you will learn about 10 actiiv shampoo side effects that most people are unaware of.

In addition to actiiv shampoo side effects, you will also get to know what formulates the product as well as some questions people commonly ask about it.

Let’s get started, shall we?


What is the active ingredient in Actiiv?

There are 4 key ingredients in actiiv shampoo, namely:

Green tea

Green tea serves to facilitate the delivery of natural ingredients to the dermis layer of the skin by widening the channels of hair follicles.

It acts as the main agent of the delivery system of this product.

Sea Berry

Sea Berry contains several nutrients that refresh and nourish the scalp, including omega fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins.

Aloe Leaf Juice

Juice from the aloe vera plant acts as a natural emollient that retains moisture in the hair without making it greasy.

It also has vitamin B5 in plenty, which helps thicken the hair.

Saw Palmetto

Also known as serenoa serrulata, this ingredient helps prevent the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

DHT is a compound that may interfere with the growth cycle of your hair, causing it to shrink and shorten, and  sometimes even fall out.

Other main ingredients in this formula include arginine, panthenol, alanine, ginger root extract and bacopa monniera leaf extract.

How does Actiiv work?

Actiiv works by using green tea to gently and naturally widen hair follicles to make delivery of nutrients to the dermal layer more easy and efficient.

Additionally, the green tea helps cleanse hair follicles of DHT, the compound that often hinders hair growth.

Does Actiiv help with hair loss?

According to its manufacturer, actiiv shampoo is one of the best hair shampoos in the market.

Most of its ingredients are natural and they encourage fuller, thicker hair growth in addition to preventing hair shedding and thinning.

Actiiv shampoo side effects

As promised earlier, we are now going to discuss everything you need to know about actiiv shampoo side effects before you use it for the first time.

It can trigger seborrhea

Actiiv shampoo contains methylchloroisothiazolinone and cocamidopropyl betaine, two ingredients that are known to be allergens.

If you suffer from seborrhea, which is often easily triggered by allergens, then this shampoo can cause a flare-up

It may burn your scalp a bit

You can expect a bit of burning on your scalp when using this shampoo.

Some people have reported experiencing an uncomfortable burning sensation on the scalp when using the product.

In most cases the burning subsides shortly after use.

But if it seems to last too long, that could be a sign of something more serious going on and therefore your cue to see a doctor for medical advice.

You may develop acne on the forehead

Acne on the forehead is one of the actiiv shampoo side effects that you should expect when using this product.

It doesn’t happen to everyone, but if you are prone to acne then you are more at risk of experiencing it.

It is not ideal if you are using hydrocortisone

If you are using any hydrocortisone product on your scalp, then you may want to keep off the actiiv shampoo for a while.

Actiiv shampoo contains aloe vera which can increase the absorption of hydrocortisone into your skin.

Hydrocortisone is a steroidal drug that can cause dangerous side effects if it gets into your bloodstream.

It can cause high blood sugar, vision problems and adrenal gland issues if your skin absorbs it in large quantities.

Your hair may feel a bit rough afterwards

Hair products with panthenol have an effect of making hair feel rough after use.

This especially happens when your hair type is overly porous such that the compound penetrates too deeply into the shafts of the hair, leaving it feeling rough.

You may experience redness

Redness of the scalp is one of the actiiv shampoo side effects that you may experience from using it.

A few people report scalp redness after using this shampoo. In some cases, the redness is accompanied by itchiness.

It can cause swelling on the scalp

If you are sensitive to green tea, you may want to steer clear of this product.

The green tea extract in the shampoo can cause swelling on your scalp, which can also escalate into blisters and bumps.

Your hair can get drier and more frizzy

Shampoos with sulfates like actiiv shampoo can make your hair more dry especially if it is already dry naturally.

Sulfates tend to increase dryness of hair by taking too much of moisture and natural oils from your hair which then increases friction among your strands.

It can trigger rosacea

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that affects the face.

It has a variety of triggers, one of which is sulfate shampoos.

If you have rosacea, this shampoo can trigger such symptoms as burning and flushing of the skin which may cause a lot of pain and discomfort.

Your scalp can get flaky

Flakiness is one of the reactions you should expect from this product, especially if your scalp is sensitive.

In most cases, the flakiness is accompanied by itchiness, and it can get worse if your scalp is not well-moisturized.


Most people who are familiar with this product only know about the benefits.

In very rare circumstances will the manufacturer ever mention these actiiv shampoo side effects.

But thankfully this article tells you everything you need to know about the little-known actiiv shampoo side effects.

You can do more research on it and figure out whether or not it is suitable for you.


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