10 Jaw-Dropping Negative Side Effects of Earthing

If you are bothered to know about the negative side effects of Earthing, you have found the right article.

Humans are not immune to pain, anxiety, stress, and inflammation. Various life situations can expose you to these. When they happen, earthing or grounding can help you resolve them.

Let me define earthing for the people that are not familiar with the term. It is a means by which people connect their bodies with the earth, allowing them to tap into its electrical energy to stabilize them.

Normally, it requires the individual to walk outdoors using bare feet. Alternatively, an individual can ground indoors using a grounding mat.  

While grounding can help resolve the issues mentioned above, it has some negative effects on the body. In this article, I will discuss ten of those negative effects of earthing. Let us get started. 


What are some negative side effects of Earthing?

Here are some negative side effects of earthing:

1. It might cause anxiety 

As mentioned earlier, earthing is an effective way of reducing anxiety. It introduces a burst of electrical energy through your body, which, consequently, can calm you.  

It is not all positive, though. The unfamiliar energy running through your body can induce anxiety, especially if you absorb too much energy from the earth for too long.  

Besides, it can induce anxiety if you are new to it. Note, however, that the sensation will not last long.  

To resolve the anxiety induced by grounding, use it alongside other techniques and medication.  

2. It may induce earthing detox symptoms

Another negative side effect of earthing is inducing detox symptoms. People that opt for earthing are those looking to calm themselves with natural energy from the earth. The more you ground, the more your body absorbs the earth’s electricity.

When its level exceeds what the body can take, you may experience detox symptoms.  

Sometimes the symptoms may be severe, so you should see a doctor. Ensure you are releasing toxins while detoxing. Otherwise, if you feel sick, discontinue earthing until those symptoms disappear.  

Also, if the detoxing symptoms are severe, drink plenty of water to reverse them. Moreover, eat nutrient-rich foods to support your detox.  

3. You might feel a shock from the Earthing Mat

As I mentioned earlier, grounding can be done indoors. The version carried out indoors utilizes a grounding mat.

While this can help you relax because it allows you to earth while seated, it can send an electric shock through your body.  

Note that this problem could be related to your electrical system, not the mat. If this is the case, consider updating your electrical source.  

Besides, if you depend on a pacemaker, are pregnant, or often suffer from seizures, using an earthing mat may not be recommended.

Also, if you belong to this category, seek your doctor’s advice before using an earthing mat.  

4. You are likely to absorb low-quality energy

Another negative side effect of indoor earthing is the risk of absorbing low-quality energy.

With indoor earthing mats becoming popular, comparisons between them and natural earthing have occurred. As a result, scientists suggest grounding mats may bring similar benefits to natural earthing.  

Also, people using grounding mats report experiencing a different kind of energy. This kind of energy can expose you to fatigue and depression, thereby defeating the purpose of earthing.  

Therefore, it would be wise to stick to natural grounding for maximum benefits.  

5. It can expose you to cancer

It is crucial to highlight that the potential consequences are minimal, even though we know that the mere suggestion of cancer turns many people off.

Additionally, contrary evidence suggests that earthing mats can lower cancer risk by reducing chronic inflammation.

In essence, there is an exceedingly small probability that a grounding mat will result in EMF, which can raise the risk of leukemia.  

6. It has the potential to harm your nervous system

Natural earthing may not harm your nervous system. However, using grounding mats and indoor earthing can damage the nervous system. This is because it relies on electricity, which could introduce an electrical surge into your body.  

Specifically, the grounding mat works by sending tiny electrical pulses into your body. When your body absorbs those electrical pulses, it begins to perform functions like contacting. Hence, it allows the muscles to relax.  

However, in a scenario where the body receives too much electricity, the nervous system may be harmed. This can cause dire effects on the body. For instance, it can stop the heart and limit limb functions. 

7. It can cause unknown reactions in your body

Our bodies are indeed similar. However, there are tiny differences that distinguish us. Those differences may cause different reactions to therapies like earthing, especially indoor earthing. Hence, there is no guarantee that you will get similar reactions to everyone else.  

Also, our immune system could differ from that of your friend. The same applies to the nervous system. Therefore, if your friend is earthing to reduce inflammation, there is no guarantee it will work the same for you.  

It is best to try out the different types of earthing to discover which one is for you.  

8. It can expose you to dirty electricity

Depending on the type of earthing you opt for, you can either receive clean or dirty electricity. Let me explain. When you opt for natural grounding, your body will absorb electricity free from interference. It is for this reason that scientists deem it safe.  

On the other hand, indoor earthing using the grounding mat may use unclean electricity, as recent studies show. This dirty energy can induce adverse effects on the body, like fatigue, low libido, and nausea.  

Hence, opt for outdoor grounding if you are unsure of indoor earthing and fear getting exposed to dirty electricity. 

9. It can expose you to nature’s harmful substances

Natural earthing is equally not that safe. One of its harmful effects is that it can expose you to harmful elements like thorns.

This is because natural earthing requires you to connect with the earth with your bare feet. This article, from the very well mind, backs this claim.  

It states that one way of grounding is taking a walk outside on bare feet. Actually, it recommends walking on grass, mud, and sand.

Since you’ll be on your bare feet, you might come across harmful elements that could harm you. For instance, you might contract tetanus if you hurt yourself on a piece of metal lying on the grass.  

Ensure your surroundings are safe from such substances before embarking on natural earthing. 

10. It might cause paralysis

Earthing introduces mild electric shock to the body. This can be useful in helping your muscles relax.

However, if done incorrectly, it can introduce a lot of electricity into your body, which might paralyze your body. Note that this can only happen if you opt for earthing using the earthing mat.  

Ensure you calibrate the mat correctly to prevent such an accident from occurring. 


In conclusion, earthing is a useful technique for relaxing the body. However, it also has some harmful effects, as presented above. If you experience any side effects, seek your doctor’s advice.  

Furthermore, some of these side effects can be avoided. For instance, you could prevent electrocution yourself by adjusting your power source. Also, you could calibrate the grounding mat to avoid receiving less electric current.  


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