10 Dangerous Laxogenin Side Effects You Didn’t Know

10 Dangerous Laxogenin Side Effects You Didn’t Know

Laxogenin comes with various side effects. Stay tunned as we explore those side effects.

Laxogenin is a plant chemical extracted from plants like Smilax sieboldii. It belongs to a class of hormones called brassinosteroids. Brassinosteroids are steroids that are crucial for plant growth and development.

For humans, Laxogenin is advertised as a herbal extract that may stimulate muscle growth. Consequently, causing an increase in muscle size and strength.

Most dietary supplements, however, contain a synthetic derivative of Laxogenin, 5-Alpha-Hydroxy-Laxogenin. Although this compound is advertised as a natural anabolic, it is not extracted from a plant.

There are a lot of false claims involving this supplement. Therefore, articles such as this are essential. Before consumption, you should understand Laxogenin side effects and benefits.


How Does Laxogenin Work?

Contrary to popular belief, Laxogenin does not alter human hormones. It will neither change estrogen nor testosterone levels.

So, does it enhance muscle mass?

Note there are no human studies to support this. However, consumers believe that Laxogenin promotes protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. Moreover, there are many positive customer reviews.

Remember that proteins are the building blocks of the body. First, they create the body’s structural framework. Second, they are responsible for muscle repair.

Third, they are an integral part of your immune system. And finally, they help transport substances in the body.

Thus, an increase in protein synthesis may promote muscle growth.

Is Laxogenin a Steroid?

Steroids are a broad term for specific chemicals. They may naturally occur in the body or artificially in a lab.

In the body, they are hormones, whereas artificially, they may be corticosteroids or anabolics.

Corticosteroids are drugs that help treat inflammation.

On the other hand, anabolics are synthetic hormones. Typically, they mimic testosterone. Hence, doctors often prescribe them to men with low testosterone.

Because Laxogenin is a plant hormone, it is also a plant steroid. But it does not affect hormones in humans. Therefore, it is not a steroid or prohormone.

What Are the Benefits of Laxogenin?

According to customer reviews, Laxogenin has several benefits. Athletes, especially, may gravitate towards this product.

1.     May cause an increase in strength

An increase in protein synthesis facilitates the repair of any damaged tissue, consequently making you stronger.

2.     May cause an increase in muscle size

When the rate of protein synthesis is greater than the rate of protein breakdown, your muscles may get bigger. Especially if you also work out.

3.     May lead to faster muscle recovery

Protein helps the body repair damage. Laxogenin promotes protein synthesis. As a consequence, you will recover faster after an intense workout. Furthermore, you may have a reduction in soreness.

4.      May help prevent cancer

Brassinosteroids have anti-carcinogenic properties. Then, they can prevent the development of specific human cancer cells.

5.     May help lower blood sugar levels

In a study, scientists fed several mice a high-fat diet. Thereafter, some of the mice received homobrassinolide or brassinosteroids.

In summation, it inhibits the production of glucose. Thu lowering blood sugar levels.

6.     May improve endurance and energy

Some consumers claim to have better endurance as a result of this supplement. Because protein is a source of energy, an abundance of protein results in better endurance.

Is Laxogenin Safe?

Despite being legal, Laxogenin is not recommended for oral use. This is due to a lack of human clinical studies.

To avoid severe side effects, take nothing more than 100mg daily.

Another cause for concern is the substitution of Laxogenin with 5-alpha-hydroxy-laxogenin. Be keen to avoid supplements that opt for synthetic substance.

According to the FDA, products containing 5-alpha-hydroxy-laxogenin often have restricted substances as well.

What Are the Laxogenin Side Effects?

Earlier, we mention that there are no relevant human studies on Laxogenin. Still, there are reports from a large pool of consumers. These consumers will inform us of the Laxogenin side effects.

1.     May cause headaches

This is the most common of the Laxogenin side effects. Usually, consumers report headaches after taking high doses. Hence, you should stick with 100mg daily.

2.     May cause nausea

Introducing any new supplements to your diet may cause nausea. Sometimes, your body isn’t geared up to handle them. Fortunately, nausea will dissipate with time.

Nonetheless, if it persists, cease taking the supplement.

3.     May cause diarrhoea

Individuals with a sensitive gut may experience diarrhoea. Luckily, it is not one of the more common Laxogenin side effects.

Still, in case you do have diarrhoea, stop taking the supplement. Furthermore, take plenty of fluids.

4.     May cause stomach upset

Again, if you have a sensitive stomach, you may experience discomfort after taking Laxogenin. Patients with conditions like irritable bowel syndrome should consult a physician before taking this supplement.

5.     May cause excessive urination

A few consumers notice an increased frequency of urination after using Smilax Sieboldin. An increase in protein causes an increase in urea, which the body expels through urine.

Diarrhoea and excessive urination are the most inconvenient Laxogenin side effects. But for most consumers, they will not occur.

6.     May cause abdominal pain

Abdominal pain is a sharp or dull ache in the abdomen. It may be caused by cramps, gas, indigestion or a muscle pull.

In this case, your body may not tolerate Laxogenin easily, resulting in abdominal pain.

7.     May cause shock

An allergic reaction to Laxogenin may cause shock. This condition occurs when there is an insufficient amount of blood circulating through your system.

Shock is one of the rarest Laxogenin side effects. So, it should not worry you. Nonetheless, if you do go into shock, seek medical assistance immediately.

8.     May cause further kidney damage

High doses of protein supplements may damage the kidneys. Patients with kidney disorders are at higher risk.

When the body uses protein, ammonia is released. Then, it converts ammonia to urea which the kidneys must filter out.

9.     May cause vomiting

High doses of Laxogenin may cause vomiting. Lower your dosage to 75mg if you experience this effect.

10.  May cause bloating

Earlier, we explain that Laxogenin increases protein synthesis. Too much protein can lead to bloating. Therefore, this is one of the Laxogenin side effects you should expect if you have chronic tummy issues.


In conclusion, you can use Laxogenin as a supplement for muscle growth. But there is insufficient evidence to support it. If you still choose to take it, be cautious of its side effects.

Also, avoid 5-alpha-hydroxy-lexogenin. Some brands claim that it is the scientific name for Laxogenin but this is false.

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