10 Crazy Moonrock Weed Side Effects You Should Know

10 Crazy Moonrock Weed Side Effects You Should Know

Many people are aware of marijuana but do not have knowledge of it. Hence, many look down on those who use it. In this article, you will learn about the moonrock weed side effects on your body. A strain of weed.

Cannabis is a herbal drug. It contains chemicals such as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

They work by binding to sites on your brain and the nerves.

It is used as a recreational drug. Nevertheless, it has medical uses as well.

Moonrock weed is a strain that consists of cannabis buds. They are covered in cannabis concentrate and coated in loose resin glands.

It is highly potent.

Their name comes from their similar appearance to moon rock and the experience that feels like it is out of this world.

What Is The Concentration Of THC In Moonrocks?

It is important to note that the amount of THC can vary depending on the strain in the concentrate and the kief.

All the same, moonrocks usually contain about 50% THC.

How Long Is It Before Moonrock Weed Side Effects Kick In?

It produces a slow burn with effects that kick in almost immediately. However, they begin to rattle you about thirty minutes to an hour in.

As to some customers’ reviews, the feeling of relaxation can last for several hours or even carry over to the next day if you are new to it.


How To Use Moonrocks

There are two ways in which you can safely use moon rocks. They are:

1. Smoking It

You can use glassware such as bongs or pipes. This is because moonrocks do not have a similar texture as other strains.

It is thick, greasy and hard to rip apart. You can also roll it up, but it will not stay lit because of how greasy it is.

2. Eating It

You can add it to flour and bake any pastry of your liking. Even so, you should note that this will increase the moonrock weed side effects.

Negative Moonrock Weed Side Effects

1. It Can Cause You To Green Out

It is a condition that occurs when you take too much THC. Most strains of cannabis have about 20% THC.

But moonrocks contain up to 50%. This condition is very uncomfortable and comes with multiple arrays of complications.

Therefore, you should consider taking it slow as you use moonrock, whether or not you are new to cannabis.

With this in mind, moonrock will not necessarily cause you harm, but getting too high is not fun either.

2. It May Cause Dehydration

Weed causes you to feel very thirsty due to hormonal changes in your body.

3. It Can Cause Addiction

Studies show that one in every ten people gets addicted to cannabis. Consequently, it will harm your job, relationships with loved ones or even your finances.

This risk increases if you start using it earlier and the heavier you use it. It is higher in moonrock due to its potency and concentration.

There is a possibility you can go into withdrawal if you become physically dependent on it.

Moonrock weed side effects in terms of withdrawal include irritability, restlessness, sweating and insomnia.

4. It May Damage Your Lungs

Smoking is one of the ways to use moonrock.

This method of use irritates and inflames your lungs. If you use it regularly, then you could char your lungs and damage them.

Hence causing you breathing problems. Characterized by frequent dry coughs with blood or dark cloudy mucus.

The damage can also leave your lungs more vulnerable to infections.

5. It Can Damage Your Heart

For healthy people, your heart beats about 50 to 70 times a minute. Marijuana causes your heart to work harder.

This jumps it up to between 70 to 120 beats per minute while at rest for more than three hours after you begin to experience moonrock weed side effects.

For this reason, your heart will undergo additional strain. Not including the strain it is already receiving from other chemicals in weed.

This can raise your chances of a stroke or heart attack.

6. It May Cause Mental Problems

Many people do not experience a pleasurable high with weed.

Some users report feeling anxious, afraid and paranoid.

Studies also show that using marijuana can raise your chances of clinical depression or worsen the condition of any disorders you may have.

In high doses, marijuana can make you lose touch with what is real and can cause you to begin to hallucinate.

7. It Can Distort Your Thinking

Weed has the possibility to impair your judgement and senses.

It increases with how potent marijuana you use. It might:

  1. Distort your perception of time
  2. Shut down your motor functions, making it dangerous to drive, travel or handle equipment or cutlery.
  3. Lower your reasoning or inhibitors so you may do things that can cause harm to you.
  4. Highten your senses. Making lights seem brighter, sounds louder and colours more vivid.

Positive Moonrock Weed Side Effects

8. It Can Improve Sleep

Moderate evidence has shown that marijuana can improve your short-term sleep.

Especially for individuals who have sleep problems due to sleep apnea syndrome, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia which is a common musculoskeletal pain that comes with memory loss and mood swings.

9. It Can Improve Appetite

Many of the users of marijuana report a boost in their appetite. They call it ‘munchies’. Due to the effect, it has on your body’s cardiovascular system, it burns fat and calories rapidly, causing you to feel hungry.

It can also help AIDS and cancer patients gain more weight.

10. It May Ease Pain

Weed can reduce ongoing pain either from surgery or any other medical condition.

Due to its relaxing properties, it also eases stiff muscles and reduces muscle spasms that can cause multiple sclerosis.

It can also reduce seizures for people with epilepsy by helping their minds and nerves relax.


Before you decide if you want to get your hands on some, ensure that the sale and use of marijuana are legal wherever you are.

Without a doubt, it gives you an exciting new type of ‘high’. Nonetheless, it is vital to consider moonrock weed side effects before you use it.

Due to its potency, you should first ensure you consult a marijuana doctor before you indulge.

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