10 Alarming Animal Pak Side Effects

10 Alarming Animal Pak Side Effects

Animal pak is a nutrient-packed supplement used to enhance performance in athletes. However, it has some side effects. In this article, we will focus on those side effects.

Animal pak contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that work together to fill in any nutritional gaps an athlete may have to help them perform optimally.

Aside from the three classes of nutrients, this product also contains digestive enzymes and antioxidants to provide immune support to the body.

Its benefits are quite well-known but very few people know about animal pak side effects.

In this article, we talk about everything animal pak side effects as you will find out shortly.

Aside from animal pak side effects, we also answer some commonly asked questions about the product.

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Should you take animal pak everyday?

The manufacturer of animal pak advises that you take it everyday to meet your daily nutritional deficiencies.

They recommend that you take two packs of the supplement every single day for as long as you need it.


What does animal pak do for you?

Animal pak side effects aren’t the only thing we are going to discuss today.

We can also talk about what good things it can do for your body, such as:

It helps protect your body cells

The animal pak formula contains antioxidants and vitamin E, which help protect your body cells.

Their protective mechanism is lowering the risk of diseases caused by oxidative stress such as cardiovascular conditions.

It helps build muscle in the body

Animal pak is specifically designed for people who are engaged in fitness activities, including those who want to build muscle.

With its amino acid content, this product can help you attain more muscle volume and mass.

Aside from building your muscles, amino acids can also boost your energy to power you through your workouts.

It can promote bone health

The vitamin A and D content of this product can help build your bone strength.

This enables your bones to withstand your weight better, especially if you are building muscle mass from your regimen.

It can help prevent muscle fatigue

You don’t have to worry about post-workout fatigue when using animal pak.

And if you’ll have any, it may be significantly reduced due to the presence of liver and beef in the formula.

These two ingredients contain iron, which helps prevent fatigue in your muscles after you work out.

Additionally, they make help you recover faster after an intense fitness session so you can be in good shape for your next one.

It can improve digestion and absorption

With digestive enzymes in its formula, animal pak can help improve the ability of your gut to digest and absorb food into your bloodstream.

This would be particularly ideal if your body does not produce enough digestive enzymes naturally.

Can I take animal pak before bed?

You can take one pack of animal pak 30-45 minutes before you go to sleep.

If you usually take a protein shake before going to bed, wait about 30 minutes before you take this supplement.

Can I take animal pak on an empty stomach?

On the days you are training, it is advisable that you take animal pak about 30 minutes before you exercise.

Whenever you aren’t training, you can take it before meals, on an empty stomach.


Before you make an order for that animal pak tub off amazon, here are some animal pak side effects that you should know.

Animal pak side effects

Your urine may change colour

Sounds a bit scary, yeah?

Well, it is true though. You will likely notice your urine coming out in colours you are not used to seeing when you go to pee.

The manufacturer claims that this is no cause for alarm; that animal pak contains riboflavin, a naturally- yellow vitamin.

Riboflavin turns into a neon colour when exposed to UV light and since it is water-soluble, your body flushes it out when you pee.

You may suffer indigestion

Indigestion or dyspepsia as scientists like to call it, has many different causes, one of which is digestive enzyme malfunction.

The carnitine in the animal pak formula has a tendency to interfere with the functioning of digestive enzymes, causing indigestion in your gut.

It may cause irregular bowel movements

Some users of animal pak report that it can make your bowel movements irregular, causing stomach upset and constipation.

If you’re particularly looking to avoid these two symptoms, then you should look elsewhere for a supplement to enhance your fitness performance.

Your gums may bleed a bit

One of the most shocking animal pak side effects is that it can cause your gums to bleed.

So if you have gingivitis, stay away from it unless your doctor gives you the go-ahead to use it.

It can cause heartburn

Animal pak contains carnitine which can cause or worsen heartburn and leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

If you experience heartburn a lot, then you should know this product is one to use cautiously.

You may feel lethargic

As counterproductive as this sounds, using animal pak consistently can actually make you more tired instead of energetic.

It contains zinc which when consumed in high quantities may make you feel more tired than normal.

It can increase your heartbeat

A number of users report developing a faster heartbeat after starting to use animal pak.

If you have any cardiovascular conditions, it’s probably best to seek an alternative that will not interfere with your heart rate.

You may develop anaemia

Although it only happens in cases of high concentrations, taking products with zinc for a long time can make you develop anaemia.

Excess zinc in the body interferes with the metabolism of copper, which can cause anaemia.

Anemic people should avoid taking this product on a regular basis unless their doctor advises so.

You may feel like throwing up

Aside from giving you a stomach upset and a heartburn, animal pak can also give you nausea which in some cases is accompanied by vomiting.

This may be as a result of the sudden influx of nutrients in your body which can be a bit upsetting to your gut.

You risk developing fractures

The animal pak formula contains vitamin A which when taken in excess can cause your bones to grow weak.

Weaker bones put you at significant risk of developing fractures especially if you are prone to losing your bone mineral density.


There is a lot you need to know about this supplement, but first on the list is animal pak side effects.

Like any other product that you ingest, it is important that you know about animal pak side effects before you decide to use it.

Feel free to use this article as a point of reference when doing your research on this product prior to buying it.




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